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dr. Wilfried van Sark - CEO & Founder

"The Electric Mondiran takes the solar industry to the next level. We combine clean energy production with modern style".

Dr. Wilfried van Sark graduated from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, with a M.Sc. in Experimental Physics in 1985. He received his Ph.D. from Nijmegen University, the Netherlands; the topic of his Ph.D. thesis was III-V solar cell development, modeling and processing.

He performs and coordinates research on next generation photovoltaic devices incorporating nanocrystals, e.g., luminescent solar concentrators, as well as photovoltaic performance, smart grid development, life cycle analysis, socioeconomics, and policy development.

A visit to the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag with their large collection of Piet Mondrian paintings was enough to come up with the missing link between the solar industry and modern architecture. A few months later the first Electric Mondrian prototype became reality and since then he is working on further development of the technology.

Solar integrated solutions for our everyday lives.

Panos Moraitis - CTO

"We are here to change the way we perceive solar energy".

Panos has a degree in Physics from Athens University and got a specialisation in Applied Physics and Electronics. He continued he studies in Utrecht University were he received his M.Sc in Energy Science. His research was focused on large scale monitoring assesment of small scale solar installations.

He is a Ph.D. candidate in Utrecht University and he is a member of the team that initiated the Electric Mondiran project. He specialiazes in LSC optimazation, photovoltaic performance, modeling and power electronics.

Contact Details

Email: p.moraitis@uu.nl
Website: www.uu.nl

Heidelberglaan 2,
3584 CS
The Netherlands

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